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Digital Culture  

- apprenticeships

Criteria & Incentives:

To motivate and incentivise staff during their CPD journey, completion of activities will lead to the achievement of a number of micro-credentials. Once each badge level (see below) has been achieved, staff are able to work towards achieving the next level.


You will receive digital badges for all three levels of the Digital Culture programme, and physical badges for the Pioneer and Innovator levels.

CRITERIA - Digital Explorer

  • Attend webinar on ‘Online Delivery at Middlesbrough College: Design, Hard Skills and Soft Skills’

Explorer_B_2 (1).png

CRITERIA - Digital Pioneer

  • Begin working towards becoming a Smart Assessor Champion          (Read about how to become a 'Champion' by clicking here.)

Pioneer_S_2 (1).png

CRITERIA - Digital Innovator

  • Successfully achieve SMART ASSESSOR CHAMPION status

  • Share your good practice across the wider apprenticeship team

Innovator_G_2 (1).png
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