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Covid-19 - Official Update

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


As you will be aware, there are now continual updates regarding the current position re Covid-19. Can I ask you all to accelerate your thinking in relation to possible distance learning activities for your students should the current advice change?

Our expectation is that all students and apprentices will be able to access work remotely.

The recent Canvas audit results demonstrate how effective the significant majority of your Canvas courses are at providing excellent online learning opportunities for students to access outside traditional taught sessions. We are, therefore, in an excellent position to meet our learners’ ongoing needs should we need to increase our online provision.

The E-Learning and T & L Team will be sending out guidance shortly on some ‘Top Tips’ for online learning and I’m sure you will all be thinking about how we can overcome any future challenges.

In addition, we are preparing two short surveys – one for staff and one for students/apprentices – to ascertain the number of people who may not have to access IT facilities or devices from home? A link to these will be circulated shortly via Canvas.

In the meantime, if this applies to you, please contact a member of the e-learning team, who will collate the figures and ensure you have access to the equipment you need. Plans are in place to do the samefor students.


Gordon Duffy-McGhie | Director: Teaching, Learning & Student Development

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