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How to take your classes online

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This article provides some useful ideas on how to take your teaching online.

There are also a number of useful resources on our Digital Tools page which will provide some inspiration on what you can use to facilitate your online sessions.

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Happily the students are getting used to the new regime and are sending work in regularly. I've learnt a Swedish word for my status - 'andrahandshyregast' (umlat over the a)...something you eat? No 'second hand hiring guest'...every day is a school day....

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So, two weeks have gone by in this strange new world. I've now managed to teach six days of on line classes and have done numerous one to one coaching sessions with my professional apprentices who are in Gateway. This period has been a real incentive for them to produce tip top portfolios - a lot of accountancy practices are furloughing staff (who even knew this was a word). Those who are WFH are working flat out - so definitely the time for personalised learning.

A couple of things I've learned...

1. holding a virtual lesson is exhausting. Any longer than 90 minutes and I'm wiped out.

2. Ask students to put their microphones on mute during the lesson


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Hi everyone

Hope you are all safe and well. I'm on day 11 of self isolation and also have someone at home who is on the three month social distancing thing (my daughter Eleanor). She is healthy and very happy at the moment - phew. Hope it continues she has severe physical and learning disabilities and although her immune and respiratory systems are good we're never quite sure how she's going to react to things.

I'm just in the middle of preparing for next week. My lovely brother has given me my own 'zoom room' courtesy of Linneaus University in Kalmar, Sweden (same software that Smart rooms use). One thing I've found is that it doesn't work with VM Wa…

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