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Engaging Learners with Class Notebook

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

For my online delivery I am using Class Notebooks within Office 365. I am finding my learners are re-engaging with the content as all resources and tasks are in one area, set up as a portfolio for them to work through at their own speed.

As the author of the notebook, you can pre-populate pages containing tasks for the learners to complete and distribute them as and when your students are ready for their next criteria. You can also embed Forms and Quizzes to assess learning or to mix up your delivery style.

My only struggle is keeping up with the marking (which is a nicer problem to have as it shows the learners are still progressing.)

I am in no way a pro at screen-casting but I used Screencastify to record the video's - a simple, free application on Google - use chrome for the best results!

Demonstration of how I am using Class Notebooks:

How to set up a Class Notebook:

I had a quick lesson from the e-Learning team before trying out Class Notebook but once I had my unit set up I found it super simple to use and I'm still learning all of the facilities within the software as I go along. Let me know if you'd like any support with setting up your own Class Notebook.

Lucy (and my very vocal miniature dachshund, Lola)

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Thank you Lucy, this is really helpful.


WOW! great information and easy to follow videos. Great to hear your dog making a contribution. Inspired me to start the Class Notebook for the AET course.

Well done, Steve D.


James Wells
James Wells
Mar 27, 2020

Excellent post Lucy and the tutorial videos are superb! Really glad that learners have responded so well to your use of Class Notebook.

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