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Read&Write Support for Learners

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

As long as government guidelines recommend that social distancing should be implemented where possible, resulting in your organisation being forced to adapt your normal way of working, we will continue to provide a temporary solution so that students can benefit from remote access to the Texthelp tools as they learn at home. This will be in addition to the normal access you enjoy under the terms of your licence agreement, and will be free of charge.

The instructional video below demonstrates how students can access Read&Write remotely and I have also included the access code which they will need in order to sign in and activate Read&Write for this temporary period.

Access Code for Temporary Use- HU7WYPM2UJ

Install Read&Write using the temporary a
Download • 355KB

When government guidelines around social distancing are no longer in place, the temporary remote solution that we are providing to students will continue to be available for a period of two months to allow for a transition back to ‘normal’ campus based learning. At this point the terms of original End User License Agreement should be adhered to. However we will continue to communicate with you on a regular basis to enhance the clarity around the temporary license. ​

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