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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The Digital Learning Team and Information Services have just launched a new initiative, Reboot, aimed at ensuring all learners have the ability and capacity to successfully undertake their online studies. Learners will be able to access the Reboot clinic, a live support service staffed by Digital Curriculum and Information Services staff where learners can receive advice and guidance on a variety of digital learning topics, including:

  • Access to IT Equipment: Providing advice and guidance on the laptop rental and loan systems available

  • Access to College Digital Services: Assistance with accessing Canvas, Teams, Microsoft 365, OneDrive, Smart Assessor, Google Classroom, Network Drives, Heritage, Pro Portal including resolving password issues on the spot.

  • Successfully Learning Online: Ensuring learners are successfully able to log in and learn during their online classes via Teams, Canvas and Google Hangouts. Including assistance with common audio/video issues.

  • Connecting to College Wi-Fi: Assisting with any connectivity issues on the College’s new and improved Wi-Fi service.

The reboot clinics will run 09:00-17:00, weeks commencing 12/10/20 and 19/10/20 at the following locations:

Week Commencing 12/10/20

  • Monday Main Site – Cyber Café

  • Tuesday Main Site – Cyber Café

  • Wednesday MC6 – MC6 Reception

  • Thursday Main Site – Cyber Café and TTE - Room 1.2

  • Friday Main Site – Cyber Café

Week Commencing 19/10/20

  • Monday Main Site – Cyber Café

  • Tuesday Main Site – Cyber Café and TTE - Room 1.2

  • Wednesday MC6 – MC6 Reception

  • Thursday STEM – STEM Reception and TTE - Room 1.2

  • Friday Main Site – Cyber Café

Alongside the live clinics, we have just launched a brand-new website designed to give learners who are struggling with their online studies from home assistance with all the aforementioned topics.

In addition to the Reboot initiative, please could you also remind learners who are struggling to access sufficient IT hardware or have inadequate internet access at home that the LRC is available for them to use and is open till 17:30 Monday and Friday and 20:30 Tuesday – Thursday. Pre-booking LRC PCs (by emailing is strongly encouraged from 08:30 to 15:00, but not required from 15:00 onwards.

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