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Teaching with TEAMS!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I have decided to utilise Microsoft Teams for online delivery. At the moment, this consists of uploading files to the class team for learners to access for the lesson content; with an assignment which requires learners to submit something in order for me to assess the engagement with, understanding and application of the lesson and content. I have used a mixture of formative assessment tasks for these assignments. For some learners I have asked them to complete a workbook and submit and for others this has been an assessment such as an exam response (see screengrab below).

Engagement has been fairly positive with learners completing work and submitting assignments on time (although not all). I have been available online during the lesson time to offer support to learners and some have accessed this via the Team channel or via the 1:1 chat function in teams. I have found marking work has become quite a heavy burden on time, but I do feel it is enabling me to give learners the kind of feedback I would have given them if they were face to face (in some cases, more detailed feedback because they aren’t face to face). I am hoping to develop this strategy to utilise the class notebook a little bit more.

I spoke to one last week and she said she liked how I was not approaching it in a rigid timetable way and that the deadline for classwork was not necessarily at the end of the timetabled lesson (I have been setting the deadline 2-3 days later than the actual lesson as all don’t seem to be going online at the time of the lesson [they left so quickly we didn’t get a chance to put a plan in place]).

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