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Using Canvas as a Remote Learning Platform

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Week 1 of Online delivery and I have been trying out several new platforms which I plan to utilise over the coming weeks, however let’s not forget our Canvas VLE.

Canvas is the most familiar platform for a lot of my learners so I have utilised other tools alongside Canvas in order to guide learners more effectively whilst they work from home.

One of the tools I have used is screenomatic to record my screen as I talk learners through what I would like them to do. It’s easy to embed the video straight in to a Canvas announcement and very useful to give instructions that I would normally give throughout a session. I think this is a great way of personalising the lesson and it’s also much easier to indicate something on your screen by using the highlighted cursor.

I have adapted my PPT slides so that all activities link with an interactive task, assignment, discussion board or Padlet. If sharing a PPT, clear instructions are a must!

I have been available during each scheduled lesson time but I appreciate that learners (particularly adults who are also home schooling) may need to access at different times and may have varying degrees of contribution, depending upon their IT access and other expected distractions or responsibilities whilst staying at home.

Most learners have engaged well and I have appreciated the help from our attendance officer to make sure all learners are supported to access the materials at home.

I think the key is to be flexible and appreciate that learners will likely have very different routines as they adjust to a completely different way of working.

It was great to hear from a PGCE student who is using her home schooling to keep up her teaching hours and reflections.

Week 1 teaching complete and I am now gathering feedback ideas from my learners on what is working well and what improvements they would like to see. I intend to gather the feedback using an online survey tool.

Sandie :)

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