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Using the Conference Function on Canvas

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This morning we attended an online training session with Chris Goswami who showed us a range of ways to work more effectively online with students.

One particular software that Chris talked about was the conference capabilities of the BigBlueButton. Chris demonstrated how this software can be used to share information and talk to students as a group and as individuals.

We particularly liked it because it enabled me to share upcoming maths assignments/tasks with the students and they then had the opportunity to discuss with the group, or individually, any concerns they had.

We can send out invites, through canvas, and the students just need to click on the invite to enter, the students also receive a reminder of any upcoming conferences that have been pre-planned, so there is no excuses!

Theresia M Winspeare, Manuel Lopez and Levy Maphosa

Maths Lecturers in VPAC and SIRS

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