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In Preparation 


In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, teaching staff are expected to prepare for any situation that could disrupt classes. 

Outlined below are suggested steps which you and your learners should take to ensure effective remote learning can take place. 


  1. Fill in the following survey so we can find out how we can best support you. 

  2. Download the Canvas Teacher app to one or more of your devices, available on iOS and Android

  3. Download the VDI to one or more of your devices (information on how to download the VDI is available here

  4. Download the Office 365 suite (particularly Teams and OneDrive) to one or more of your devices  

  5. Move any files you may need access to from internal College Drives (I: L: M: etc.) to OneDrive or Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint so you can access them from anywhere  

  6. Decide on how you plan to communicate with your learners and relay your intentions to them. Options include Canvas and Big Blue Button (Canvas Conferences), Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Google hangouts and email.  

  7. Set up your communication channels, e.g. set up Teams and add all your learners  


  • Ask learners to download the Canvas student app, available on iOS and Android 

  • Ensure learners to download the Office 365 suite (particularly Teams, OneDrive, Word and other relevant tools) to one or more devices 

  • Provide learners with information on the communication channels you plan to use 

  • Communicate frequently and often with learners to ensure engagement and understanding of the developing situation 

  • Ensure you have made your learning expectations clear  

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